BigHouse Fundraising Dinner

Hey it’s BigHouse!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with everyone! Last week, on February 23rd we hosted the annual BigHouse Fundraising Banquet and it was a huge success! Every year, this banquet is so much fun and a great way for people in the community to learn more about BigHouse and how they can impact the foster community in positive ways.

This year was no exception! The speaker for the banquet was United States Air Force Airman and author Richard Oden. Richard shared his life story about how he was raised in foster care, how that impacted his life, and why he and his wife, Brittany, have chosen to be foster parents as well. Richard’s testimony was nothing short of powerful and we were so thankful to have him be a part of our event!

BigHouse’s goal this year was to have fifty new or increased monthly donors. We are so thankful to say that we had forty-eight new monthly donors and nine current donors increase their current giving. WHAT A BLESSING!! This year’s banquet was extremely successful and so much fun! BigHouse is so thankful for all the people who had a hand in making the banquet happen! It wouldn’t have been as successful without these servant hearted people.

This banquet is always a huge way for BigHouse to gain more support in many ways. We are so thankful for everyone who attended this year’s banquet and can’t wait to see how the Lord continues to bless it!